YouTube Made Me Buy It!

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YouTube Made Me Buy It!

In today’s video, I will be discussing makeup products that my favorite YouTubers made me buy! I absolutely love YouTube, I watch more YouTube than I do actual TV or even Netflix. I am a makeup product junkie and I just love watching product reviews, tutorials, hauls, favorites videos and well, really any video on makeup there is! I do some of my own research before buying makeup by reading reviews on Ulta or Sephora but my main source of information comes from YouTube and product reviews by the YouTubers I follow! In this post I have included the 6 products that came to mind most when I was thinking of the products that YouTube/YouTubers I love made me buy and embedded the video that the YouTuber did on the product/featured on the product that made me buy it! Let me know if you want me to do a part two of this video and enjoy reading! XO!

Makeup Products:

1. Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows–$24.00


I first saw these Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows on Tati’s channel and was definitely intrigued by them. Yet, for some reason, I did not go out and pick them up, right after that video. Yet, I was reminded by them when Shannon from ShaaanXO’s video. The same day as I saw Shannon’s video, I just happened to be going to Sephora and since the video was fresh in my mind, I picked up the shade Rose Gold Retro which is a rose-gold and silver! I tried the Rose Gold Retro shade on my eyes the next day and absolutely loved it! The Liquid Eye Shadows are so glittery and shimmery and pigmented  without any fallout at all! They are so bright and shiny without being too much! They are definitely not for the weak-hearted though! You definitely have to love makeup and glittery products to use them!

YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It (Product Featured at 0:25 in The Video):



2. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer–$14.99


I saw this bronzer about a year and a half ago on KathleenLights’ channel first and was immediately intrigued! It looked so gorgeous on her skin and immediately went and *tried* to pick it up! But it was so new that my CVS (which is slow on having new makeup) didn’t even have it! Luckily, Amazon did and I immediately ordered it! I was nothing less than amazed by how stunning this product was/still is! Not to mention the smell, it literally smells like sunshine, the beach, a tropical vacation, and well, essentially, all my hopes and dreams, in a makeup product! Literally, ever since I first used this bronzer, I have not used anything else. It is not entirely matte but it is not noticeably glittery or shimmery, it just provides a beautiful and natural looking bronzed look to the cheekbones which honestly, cannot be beaten. Basically, BEST. BRONZER. EVER! But WARNING, only get the shade “Bronzer,” I once accidentally picked up the shade light bronzer and it was far too orangey and “oompa loompa” looking for me.

YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It (Product Featured at 10:24 in the Video):



3. Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette–$38.00


The second I saw Jaclyn Hill’s video (see below) on this palette, I immediately knew I wanted to order it. This palette has basically anything you could ever want in a palette. I literally had alarms set so I could make sure I could get my hands on this palette before it sold out. Actually, I was meeting my boyfriends parents for the first time the day this palette was released and I was at his house during the release time and I actually excused myself to “go to the bathroom” right when it dropped but no, I did not have to go pee, instead I was in the bathroom buying this palette on my phone! Such a makeup junkie! But in terms of the actual palette, this is one of my absolute FAVORITES. There is such a wide array of shades and they are all so blendable, creamy, and smooth. The palette features 35  shades with matte, shimmer, satin, foil, and glitter finishes. Jaclyn Hill, one of my very favorite YouTubers, worked with the makeup brand, Morphe, for over two years to create and perfect this amazing palette. The wide array of shadows makes it so that this palette is the only one you need to use for a completed makeup look, making it ideal for travel!

YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It:



4. L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara–$9.99

l'oreal voluminous lash paradise review dupe

I actually saw this mascara first on Tati’s channel, but I did not want to feature 3/6 Tati videos in this post, so I decided to include Rachh Loves’ video, which is where I saw this product second. She totally sold me on the fact that this mascara looked better at both first application and the end of the day, than the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara which I had been using as my volumizing mascara prior to finding this one (I use two mascaras, one for volumizing and one for lengthening). Ever since I found this mascara and picked it up as per Tati and Rachel’s recommendation, I have never turned back. It volumizes AND lengthens (which it isn’t even marketed as doing) better than any other mascara I have ever tried. It definitely is best when it has had the opportunity to “dry up” a little bit. Because of that, I personally just take a tissue or paper towel and wipe some of the excess off of the wand and that seems to do the trick!

YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It:



5. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder–$38.00


When I was first getting into makeup in high school, I fell in love with Tati’s channel and her product reviews and recommendations. She was really the first person who introduced me to setting powders and why they are so important in your makeup routine! At the time, before I went on Acutane, I had very oily skin that was acne-y so I would use the most full coverage foundation ever, cake it on my face, and then walk out the door to go to school, without ever setting it. This created a large problem for me because of my oily skin. The makeup would slip and slide throughout the day and would just look awful by the time I got home (and far before that, I’m sure). All my friends knew how much I loved makeup and recommended that I checkout YouTube tutorials so there my love for YouTube was born. Tati was actually the first “makeup guru” I ever watched! When I watched that first video (I have long forgotten which video that was), I was intrigued by how she was setting her makeup with a powder, Laura Mercier to be exact! She raved about it so with my babysitting money, I purchased the mini size and fell in love. With this powder, no longer did my makeup slip and slide all over my face during the day nor did it get so oily you could fry chicken on it! Instead, it was set in place all day and looked natural and absolutely gorgeous! So thank you Tati for saving my teenage life!

YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It (Product Featured at 4:24 in the Video):



6. LÓreal Infallible Pro Matte Les Chocolats Scented Liquid Lipstick–$9.99

The SECOND I saw this video on Tati’s channel and saw how long lasting and pigmented the shades were, I immediately ran to Ulta to buy them! Tati is definitely open and honest about products and when they are not good, she is tough to impress and I really enjoy that about her channel! So, when she was raving so much about these hippies I knew that I needed to try them! I bought two shades and I was astounded at how amazing they were when I tried them when I got home! First of all, they smell so delicious, just like cocoa powder. But most importantly, the formula is incredible. The formula is so pigmented and not patchy whatsoever! The wear-time is incredible, these lippies last soooo long on the lips and look absolutely incredible the whole time you are wearing them! They last so long that they are actually difficult to get off! And lastly, the shade range is small but I don’t mind since these nudes are exactly what I have been searching for, for years!

My Favorite Shades: Sweet Tooth and Box O’ Chocolate!

YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It:




What products did YouTube make you buy?! Would you like to see a part two and/or a series on products YouTubers made me buy because I have so so many more products I could feature! Also, who are your favorite YouTubers?! I’d love to know!


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