Physicians Formula Butter Highlighters!

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Physicians Formula Butter Highlighters!

I was recently browsing around my local CVS and came across the Physicians Formula Butter Highlighters! I realized very quickly that I had never tried these highlighters before and immediately picked up two shades! Read below for my review and lots of other extras! XO!

My Physicians Formula Butter Highlighters Review:

This Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter is probably, well actually definitely, my new favorite highlighter formula. These are absolutely incredible. These highlighters are so creamy and pigmented! And these highlighters are SO pigmented not just when you swatch the highlighter on your hand but SO pigmented when you apply them to the cheekbones. They are not at all glittery, they just apply the most beautiful glow to the cheekbones that you could ever want! So far, I have tried the two shades that would match my very light medium (if that makes sense) skin tone that has VERY strong olive undertones, the best. These shades are Champagne and Rose Gold. I think that these two shades, although so pigmented and you will definitely be able to see my highlight a mile away, are still wearable! For me personally, the only reason I have not picked up the Pink and Pearl shades are because I think the pink would look too unnatural and not match my usually pinky-toned eyeshadow looks. I also have not picked up the Pearl shade simply because I figured that it will just be way too light for my skin tone, but for those of you who are fair to light skin tones, DEFINITELY try this shade out, it looks stunning!


Swatches of the Highlighters:




Review of the Highlighters by Kathleen Lights:



Have you guys tried out these highlighters?! If so, do you love them as much as I do?! And if so, what shade are you loving?! XO!

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