Jaclyn HillxMorphe Vault Collection

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Jaclyn HillxMorphe Valut Collection

Hi all! Today, I am going to be reviewing the entire Jaclyn HillxMorphe Vault Collection! A little background on this collection….last summer, Jaclyn Hill, a popular YouTuber, created a limited edition huge 35-pan eyeshadow palette with Morphe. The palette was an instant hit and ultimately, became a permanent palette in Morphe’s eyeshadow palette range. A few months back, Jaclyn announced that she and Morphe would be coming out with four 10-pan eyeshadow palettes, each centered around a specific color theme. In her video introducing this collection, Jaclyn explained that she and Morphe created so many amazing shadows that for one reason or another, did not make the cut for the original Jaclyn HillxMorphe Eyeshadow Palette. Yet, she and Morphe thought that these shades were so incredible that they must be sold in one way or another! Therefore, Jaclyn and Morphe created the four palette JaclynHillxMorphe Vault Collection!

The Four Palettes (with swatches and reviews of each):

1. Ring the Alarm Palette


Swatches of the Palette:

My Review of the Palette:

Shadow Descriptions from Ulta:

  • Lolli (shimmering peach rosé)
  • Rush (matte amber)
  • On Camera (shimmering tropical gold)
  • Boom (shimmering blushed bronze)
  • Alert (matte deep ochre)
  • Bomb Ass (gleaming hibiscus pink)
  • Siren (shimmering plum)
  • Mugshot (matte toasted almond)
  • Framed (matte deep plum)
  • Secret (matte roasted chestnut)

2. Bling Boss Palette


Swatches of the Palette:

My Review of the Palette:

This palette is definitely my favorite out of all four palettes. I love the pinky/purpley glitters that are featured in the palette! The shimmers in this palette are so pigmented, buttery, and smooth!

Shadow Description from Ulta:

  • Bling Bling (silvery pink glitz)
  • Hush Hush (matte lilac mauve)
  • Gem (vibrant violet sheen)
  • Pizzazz (glistening magenta)
  • Mystic (matte blackberry)
  • Spark (matte ruby red)
  • Glitz & Glam (shimmering rose gold)
  • Rockstar (matte mulberry)
  • Ballsy (glistening mauve pink)
  • Berry Treasure (glittering charcoal black)

3. Dark Magic Palette


Swatches of the Palette:

My Review of the Palette:

Shadow Descriptions from Ulta:

  • Poof (matte cream)
  • Power Cut (metallic silver)
  • Shhh (matte dusty taupe)
  • Trickery (sparkling emerald)
  • Diversion (shimmering gunmetal)
  • Potion (matte avocado green)
  • Busted (matte ocean blue)
  • Inside Job (matte dark jade)
  • Mojo (matte smoked hickory)
  • Temptress (glinting pitch black)

4. Armed and Gorgeous Palette


Swatches of the Palette:

My Review of the Palette:

To be completely honest, this palette was the one out of the collection that really did not stand out to me and is definitely my least favorite. I don’t love greens or golds so this palette is definitely not for me. So take the review of this palette with a grain of salt, considering that I do not like the colors in the palette but that does not mean the formula is not amazing! As I said, this palette is my least favorite, so therefore, I have used, played, and tried this palette out the least out of all four palettes.

Shadow Descriptions from Ulta:

  • VIP (icy white shimmer)
  • Access (matte turmeric gold)
  • Gilt Trip (gold leaf shimmer)
  • Coin (glitzy gold sheen)
  • Agent (matte saffron)
  • Top Secret (matte absinthe green)
  • Smooth Criminal (matte cognac)
  • Secure (matte tangerine)
  • Prowl (matte dark truffle)
  • Classified (shimmering burnt gold)

Overall Review of the Vault Collection:

Have you guys picked up any of the palettes in the Vault Collection? If so, what do you think?! What is your favorite palette in the Collection?!

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