YouTube Made Me Buy It Part 2!

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YouTube Me Me Buy It Part 2!


Makeup Products:

  1. Tarte Color Splash Lipstick–$21.00




YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It:



2. Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Eye Shadow Palette–$27.00


I was recently scrolling through the Just Arrived page on the Sephora website and came across this palette. I literally gasped when I saw it! At that same moment, coincidentally, I was watching a Kathleen Lights YouTube video, where she featured this palette. She really liked the palette and her eye makeup ended up looking absolutely stunning so I decided to pick up the palette, for myself! When it arrived I literally took off my eye makeup that I was wearing that day and immediately put it on my eyes and wow was I blown away! This palette is absolutely incredible! I have one other Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow palette in Warm Brown which I really enjoyed using but the shades weren’t as up my ally as this palette! The reasons I love this palette besides the amazing color scheme are, first, how amazingly creamy and blendable these shades are. They are so so (again) creamy and (again) easy to blend without being patchy, whatsoever. Additionally, these shades are so pigmented in the best way! For example, the shades, especially the hot pink and yellow shades may seem intimidating but the Huda Beauty team did a great job with these shades and made them so that they are not overwhelmingly pigmented but come off much more subdued than they appear in the pan! Also, the shimmers are so amazingly foiled and pigmented, especially when used wet (with MAC Fix+ or any other setting spray)! They are so metallic, foiled, and almost wet looking which I absolutely love my shimmer eyeshadows to look! The only suggestion I would have with this palette would be to replace the middle bottom or the top right hand corner shade with a peachy pink shade instead because these two colors are quite similar! But other than that very very small gripe, I am absolutely in love with this palette and recommend it to anyone and everyone!

YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It (Product Featured at 5:32 in the Video):



3. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer–$27.00




4. Laura Lee Los Angeles Nudie Patootie Palette–$45

laura lee los angeles nudie patootie eyeshadow palette photos swatches review release date uk temptalia

This palette is the second from the brand Laura Lee Los Angeles, a brand owned by Laura Lee, the Youtuber with over 4.4 million subscribers. She and her husband, Tyler, have built their indie brand from the ground up and have done an incredible job with not only the Nudie Patootie palette but with their first palette, Cats Pajamas, as well. I immediately fell in love with this palette when Laura did a reveal video (embedded below) on the palette! I was immediately intrigued by almost every shade in the palette and I knew that I definitely wanted to purchase this palette after watching Laura’s video! She definitely sold me on her product very very well! In regards to the packaging of the palette, it is so incredible impressive. The packing of this palette is luxurious feeling, so sleek, and is so consistent and cohesive with the shadows inside the actual palette. In regards to the actual palette and the shades featured inside of it, this palette is a really unique take on neutral, nude toned eyeshadows. In this palette, Laura includes your typical nude toned shadows that are typical of a neutral palette, but she also includes shades such as Jaybird and Bare, which are a fiery copper foil with gold reflective and a matte salmon peach, respectively. By adding shades such as these and others such as Topless, a shimmer chrome pink with gold reflective, as well, this palette doesn’t become your typical boring neutrals palette. Instead, it becomes more exciting and interesting. This palette is my absolute dream palette, being a pink-toned and neutral-toned lover. Not only do the shadows inside the palette are just as impressive as the packaging. They are creamy and buttery smooth. I am so impressed with the quality of the shadows and the pigmentation and honestly would expect nothing less from Laura Lee, since she really knows her stuff in regards to makeup! This palette, in my personal opinion, is incredible! The glittery-type shades, which include Jaybird and Au Naturale, are quite messy. When applying these shades, you will definitely experience fall out onto the checks and honestly, everywhere else on the face. The shades are beautiful and definitely worth the fallout but they are definitely best applied with a wet brush, a glitter glue, or just your fingers!

YouTube Video(s) That Made Me Buy It:


5. Kat Von D Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist–$24.90 (from Amazon)




YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It (Product Featured at 5:54 in the Video):





6. Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream in White Russian–$20.00





YouTube Video That Made Me Buy It (Product Featured at 16:05 in the Video):





What products did YouTube make you buy?! Would you like to see a skincare version of this video?! Also, who are your favorite YouTubers?! I’d love to know!

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