Best of Tony Moly Masks–Part One

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Best of Tony Moly Sheet Masks!


Best Brightening Masks:

1. Tony Moly Master Lab Mask in Intensive Brightening–$4.00


This mask is absolutely incredible! This mask made my makeup application after using it, absolutely flawless. My makeup just applied easier and more smoothly and my makeup looked just….better! And my skin!!!!! MY SKIN looked AMAZING! It looked literally the best it has ever looked before. Usually in the morning my skin looks dull and lackluster, especially if I forget to apply my GlamGlow DreamDuo the previous night before bed but with this mask, my skin literally glows but not in a greasy way. My skin glows in the most natural way and gives me a “lit from within” look to it! This is probably the most brightening mask that I have ever used before and for the price, you can’t do any better!

According to the Ulta website, “Tony Moly Master Lab Vitamin C Brightening Mask is a water type ampoule consistency and makes skin healthy by providing radiance and nourishment. It uses the nude seal fabric – a new material made of natural cellulose with silky soft texture and an excellent absorption & adherence function better than cotton – to closely adhere to skin and effectively deliver active ingredients to make it healthy by providing radiance and nourishment.”


2. Tony Moly I’m Lemon Brightening Layering Sheet Mask–$5.00



–Noticeably diminished dark spots and under eye bags and discoloration

–Noticeably brightening and illuminated skin

–Improved facial skin texture

–Smoothed facial skin and perfected impurities


3.  Tony Moly I’m Real Lemon Brightening Mask Sheet–$3.75

Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks Review (10)



4. Tony Moly I’m Real Pearl Luminating Sheet Mask–$3.75




5. Tony Moly I’m Real Brightening Cherry Blossom Sheet Mask–$3.75





6. Tony Moly I’m Real Peach Vitalizing Sheet Mask–$3.75



7.  Tony Moly I’m Real Olive Radiance Sheet Mask–$3.75





Best Hydrating Masks:





What brand are your favorite sheet masks from?! Have you guys ever tried Tony Moly skincare out?! If so, what do you think?!

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