Ride or Die Skincare Products!

Welcome back to TheLexiEdit! Ride or Die Skincare Products! Welcome back! This blog post is dedicated to my most favorite skincare products, ones that I could not live without! I have normal to slightly oily skin but I love making my skin look incredibly bright and luminized! So here are my very favorites to achieve … Continue reading Ride or Die Skincare Products!

Best Masks For Oily Skin

Welcome Back to TheLexiEdit! Best Masks For Oily and Acne Prone Skin In today's post we will be discussing the best masks which I will be categorizing by skin concern (i.e., dry, acne prone, oily, brightening)! Most of these masks are from Sephora and are pretty pricey but your skin is the base for makeup … Continue reading Best Masks For Oily Skin