Best of Urban Decay Cosmetics!

Welcome Back to TheLexiEdit! Best and Worst of Urban Decay Cosmetics! Welcome back to TheLexiEdit! Thank you so much for stopping by! Today, we will be talking about Urban Decay Cosmetics and what I think are the best products from the brand! I love Urban Decay Cosmetics and some of their products are totally my … Continue reading Best of Urban Decay Cosmetics!

Best Liquid Lipsticks–Drugstore!

Welcome back to TheLexiEdit!¬† Best Liquid Lipsticks--Drugstore! In early July, I did a blog post about my favorite liquid lipsticks from Sephora (check it out if you haven't already) and I decided that it would be a good idea to do a drugstore version of that post since it went over so well! While there … Continue reading Best Liquid Lipsticks–Drugstore!

Colourpop Haul!

Welcome back to TheLexiEdit! Colourpop Haul! I love Colourpop because their products are so affordable but I had never tried any of their new(ish) Matte Lux Lipsticks so I decided to place an order on the site. While looking for/at the Matte Lux Lipsticks I came across a beautiful new palette they had. The Sol … Continue reading Colourpop Haul!