August Beauty Favorites!

Welcome back to TheLexiEdit! August Beauty Favorites! Welcome back, my loves! Today, I will be sharing my August Beauty Favorites! This post will feature all things beauty that I have loved this month! I will also be sharing my favorite memory/experience from this month! I think that this is a great way for you guys … Continue reading August Beauty Favorites!

My Ride or Die Makeup Products!

Welcome back to TheLexiEdit! My Ride or Die Makeup Products! In today's post, I am doing my Ride or Die Makeup Products! So basically, I will be featuring my favorite products from each category (foundation, bronzer, mascara, etc.)! I have been wanting to do this blog post forever and I am so excited to finally … Continue reading My Ride or Die Makeup Products!

Best Blushes

Welcome back to TheLexiEdit!¬† Best Blushes from Sephora and the DrugstoreBlush is probably my most favorite makeup product. I think that blush can really brighten up your look and make one look alive, healthy, and appear to be glowing from within. In today's blog post, I will review my favorite blushes from Sephora and the … Continue reading Best Blushes